Sarah Lyn Rogers
Sarah Lyn Rogers

July 21 2014, 01:46 PM

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One of my favorite days on the Portugal trip was the Saturday field trip to Cascais. I got to wade in the Atlantic for the first time and then spent a couple of lazy hours in the late afternoon at a bar owned by a man from New Jersey.

-The beach at Cascais

-Very positive graffiti

-The Paula Rego Museum

-Jamie on the rocks

-Me, still dressed, with my feet in the water

-Fancy sign for the Old School Bar

-Me and Jeffy Jeff

-Barstool upholstery

-Super Bock, the reigning beer in Portugal

-Pastel de Nata shot

July 14 2014, 03:20 PM

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On Kawara, the renowned Japanese-born, New York–based conceptual artist known for his date paintings, has died at 81. 
At the time of his death he was preparing for a major Guggenheim retrospective titled “Silence.”

I just saw this artist’s work for the first time at the Berardo Collection in Belem last Tuesday. Wow.


On Kawara, the renowned Japanese-born, New York–based conceptual artist known for his date paintings, has died at 81. 

At the time of his death he was preparing for a major Guggenheim retrospective titled “Silence.”

I just saw this artist’s work for the first time at the Berardo Collection in Belem last Tuesday. Wow.

July 10 2014, 07:29 AM

He said words I couldn’t decipher, because they were transformed into music as they left his mouth. A music like I’ve never heard, a music of instruments I don’t recognize but presume to be harps, since harps are the instruments of angels.

 - Jose Luis Peixoto, The Implacable Order of Things

July 09 2014, 11:38 AM

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On Friday after class, we ate a three-hour lunch at a kitschy restaurant that seemed like it would belong in San Francisco (my walnut cake dessert was drizzled with “eggnog egg”), then walked to the Castle of St. George and the Alfama district for a lecture on Fado music at the Fado Museum.

-Alex, against a street mural.

-Sibling photo at the restaurant.

-Inside the Castelo.

-Castle, castle, castle.

-Overhead view of my boys and someone else from Disquiet.


-“Mr. Pee.”

-Edith Piaf!

-Castle-eye view of the surrounding neighborhood.

July 08 2014, 09:07 AM

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On Thursday, Alex and I went to our second Fernando Pessoa Game class, which was focused on site-specific language. The gang ate a leisurely lunch at our place, we had an equally leisurely afternoon, and then explored the city some more before running into Sally.

-Lunch made out of things we had bought days before at the mini mercado. Carbin’ up on spaghetti and mashed potatoes.

-“Wet paint” on an old, dry bench. My favorite idea from another student in class.

-My submission, “the only beer in Lisbon!” underneath Super Bock on a restaurant’s sandwich board.

-Weird graffiti that I thought Alex would like. I was right.

-Triptych of the weird restaurant that offered ice coffee, sushi, pizza, and Portuguese sausages. I am sitting on plastic grass.

-Ginja (sour cherry liqueur) in a chocolate cup.

-My name on a wall in Bairro Alto.

-Sally Ashton! We ran into her on the street and we invited her up with us.

July 07 2014, 01:50 PM

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Last Wednesday was our second workshop, Sally Ashton’s reading, and some delicious food.

-Side view of the Book Van, featuring books by Portuguese authors translated into English and a few books by Disquiet faculty.

-Front view of the Book Van.

-Former Santa Clara County Poet Laureate Sally Ashton and Derek Nikitas.

-My bad hair day with Sally Ashton.

-CNC Headquarters.

-The half bottle of wine I accidentally ordered at lunch. I drank some of it and then put the rest in my purse for later. Hooray for screwtop wine!

-Drawing of Fernando Pessoa at Creperie du Bairro.

-Grilled salmon with vegetables. Vegetables!

-One of Alex’s monsters, giving thanks.

July 05 2014, 12:05 PM

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On Tuesday, we took the ferry to Almada, despite a language barrier and the power going out as soon as we got to the station. We saw cool street art, and when we got back, we went to the beer museum.

-Me with a cool sea lady spray painted on the wall along the coast where fisherman were working.

-Staredown of the century. WHO WILL WIN?

-Alex, pleasantly startled.

-My feet on the shore. The red “rocks” are terra cotta tiles that have fallen off of roofs and walls, been tumbled by the water, and coughed back up.

-The Portuguese flag.

-My picture of Andrew collecting street art on his fancy camera.

-A Sumol truck! Delicious Portuguese soda and me.

-Gelato again. It will not be the last time.

-“Popular Beer.”

-Another old Portuguese beer advertisement.

July 04 2014, 02:48 PM

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Fernando Pessoa Gallery at Centro Nacional de Cultura. We were early for class.

July 03 2014, 05:35 AM

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Monday was our first day of class. We met our workshop group and then were free by 12:30 to listen to a lecture on Fernando Pessoa by his most prolific English translator, Richard Zenith, and then explore the outer reaches of our neighborhood.

-A ghostly Alex in a Playboy shirt and a very stately chair in our classroom.

-Intriguing door handles, possibly dragons.

-Me with a suit of armor.

-Door knocker, or the hand of a small gold person, grasping for escape? You decide.

-One of Fernando Pessoa’s houses.

-Me against a wall of green tile.

-Crepuscular view down the street.

-Tiramisu and macadamia nut scoops of gelato.

-Last strains of light in beautiful San Francisco (right?) except it’s Lisbon’s waterside city and red bridge.

-Gifts for myself! We went into a Portuguese bookstore, so I wanted things that would be hard to find at a store in America. I’ve wanted a biography of Marcel Duchamp but previously could not find one, so this was a great find. I also found a Portuguese author in translation. When I brought these to the counter, the teller said, “Oh my goodness! You are taking Jose Luis Peixoto home with you!”

July 01 2014, 12:23 PM

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Day three was spent sleeping in and then getting gussied up for Disquiet workshop orientation and then drinks and snacks at the U.S. Embassy.

-A sibling photo that captures our personalities.

-My brother, donning his new favorite hat.

-Marc, looking uncharacteristically like Keith Richards.

-Me, all tarted up for the evening with big eyebrows and rhinestones.

-Andrew and I enjoying our Super Bock and vinho verde at the Embassy.

-Lisbon’s Golden Gate Bridge, viewed through the window of a cab.